Orange County NY Heating Services

Viessmann CPRO Certified Contractor

Day is the heating contractor that takes care of you for life – from installation of your brand new system, maintenance of your working system, and repair when you’re system needs it.
Call Day Today and we’re confident that you’ll see why we’re the last HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair contractor you’ll need.

Heating System Installations

Reliable Systems You Don’t Have To Worry About - There are two main aspects to the reliability of your system; the installation and the equipment behind it. Day prides itself with clean, neat, and most importantly proper installation of all components. Couple that with quality equipment from Viessmann, and you’ve got peace of mind and long term savings.

Efficiency Puts Money Back In Your Pocket - The more efficient your boiler and installation, the lower your heating bills get and the more you save. It’s that simple! Efficiency is dependent on having the right size boiler, the boiler or furnace’s efficiency, and having the right system connected to it.

Accurate Sizing Is Key  - The correct sizing of your boiler or furnace involves a number of variables and is one of the most important aspects of installation. A combination of both Day’s experience and technical knowledge ensure money saving precision.


Boiler & Furnace Servicing

  • Cleanings
  • Parts Replacement
  • Gas & Oil Boilers
  • Gas & Oil Furnaces

Day Heating & Air Conditioning is here to keep you comfortable and give you confidence in your home heating system. You don’t even want to think about your heating system not working. That’s why it’s important to call Day today, regular maintenance is nonnegotiable to ensure that your boiler or furnace is as reliable as it can be.

Boiler & Furnace Repair

At some point you will eventually require furnace or boiler repair.
This isn’t the time to worry about who you’re going to call! Make sure you have our number down 845-467-1321 so that you’re taken care of when you need it most. Day Heating places great importance on professionalism, fair pricing, and specialized skill.